About us

The sea was calling, and we decided to go.

Every summer, Grandpa Alfredo travelled to the Aeolian islands accompanied by Silvana, who dreamed of living in the greenest of all the little islands: Salina. When Silvana married Francesco, together, while expecting little Anita, they traversed Italy to buy a small home for the summer holidays. But Salina was to become much more than a holiday home, it became the real family home: from Claudio learning to swim in the Pollara waters from 3 days old, to the family riding Vespas without helmets and memorable trips on the red boat, family memories were made.

After over 10 years of travelling the world from New York to Hamburg to Bangkok to Cannes to London and the Middle East, our family, now extended with the addition of Filippo, decided to finally settle down in Salina and start a new adventure: Principe di Salina.

A boutique hotel conceptualized and created to make our guests feel at home, help them to fall in love with all the little things that make this island magical – as it happened to us many years ago.

We cared about making Principe di Salina a place out of the ordinary: not only welcoming but a place where the food cooked by mum Silvana is done so with familial love and served family-style, where the juices are fresh, and where you have plenty of private space where relax in comfortable lounges – as if would be your private villa.

The style and the interior design is a mix between the Sicilian tradition and its multicultural roots with the international decor collected during our travels abroad. All enriched with an extravagant touch, to make everything more enchanting.