Principe di Salina

Holiday experiences

Our goal is to customize the perfect Salina holiday for you to make you feel like our namesake, the “Principe di Salina” (Prince of Salina), as portrayed in the book and film, Il Gattopardo.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate personalized holiday, or the event of a lifetime, the staff of Principe di Salina is ready to make your dreams come true.

To tailor your perfect Salina holiday, contact us before your stay or speak with reception upon check-in. Please, keep in mind, some arrangements need to be made in advance of your stay. We can arrange:
Sea port/Catania airport transfers
Car, scooter or bike rental
Diving, snorkelling and boat trips to other islands
Daily excursions and trekking around Salina
Wine cellar visits and tastings
Event-planning services
Sicilian-style catering for events