Welcome to our favorite place on the planet!

We went for a month every summer and we knew it wasn't long enough, in fact, we asked ourselves how we could share our very own slice of paradise with you. So we created Principe di Salina...

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate personalized holiday or simply relax for a few days, our team is ready to make your dreams come true. Our goal is for you to fall in love with the island of Salina, as it happened to us many years ago!


Why Salina is the best?

One of the seven pearls of the Eolie Islands, Salina is situated in the middle of the archipelago and is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to explore the islands.

The island of Salina derives its name from an old lake once used to produce salt. It is characterized by two volcanoes and in ancient times its name was Dydime (The Double), due to the similar shape of the two mountains forming the island: Monte Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri.

Adventure around the Aeolian islands

Visiting the islands by sea is definitely the best experience if you love water. There are many different options depending on how much time you want to spend and your budget: a private boat with skipper shared group boats, rent your own private boat for the day/half day. The hydrofoil also regularly connects Salina to all the other islands.

Punta scario beach in Salina

Volcanic Beach

The volcanic island hosts stunning beaches:
Punta Scario beach in Malfa is a 15min walk from the hotel. Black volcanic rocks and clear waters, create pure magic. The small fisherman village of Pollara was the set of the famous movie “Il Postino”, dominated by a white vertical cliff, part of an ancient crater. The only dark sand beach of Rinella characterises the colorful village and sunbath amongst the fishing boats. Lingua offers a promenade by the sea with numerous access points to the water.


Hike the Volcano

Salina is also called "Green Island" because of its forest and Malvasia grape vineyards.
Many tracks and hikes possible in Salina. The most famous one is in the volcanic cone of the highest mountain "Monte Fossa delle Felci" - a wonderful tree fern forest, which is today a protected natural reserve reachable through a track. It takes around 2 hours to get there on foot and the starting point is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito in Valdichiesa, reachable also by public bus.


Food & Wine

Salina is renowned for the production of "capers" and "Malvasia", distinctive wine with a very sweet flavor and aroma derived from raisins. Local wine tastings and products are possible to be booked in many of the canteens on the island.


Dive into blue clear sea

The sea is so clean it’s practically crystal clear
— a paradise for scuba divers.
Secca del Capo is situated a bit further than three miles from Capo Faro and, though the peak of this rock shift is at a depth of 8 meters, most of the dive takes place at a depth of 35 to 40 meters.


How to get to Salina?

To reach this wonderful piece of paradise, the closest airports are Catania, Palermo, and Naples. Catania Fontanarossa (CTA) is the closest and suggested airport. From Catania, you will need to take a bus (approx 1,5hours), and finally, a hydrofoil /Aliscafo (approx 1,5 hours). To ensure you catch the last departing boat to Salina, the arrival time of your flight should not be later than 3 pm. On your day of departure, please make sure to book your flight after 11 am to ensure enough time to get off the island and reach the airport. If you manage to depart in the afternoon, you will have a more comfortable commute.

From Catania

The best port from where to depart is Milazzo, as it offers many options to the island.

  1. Public Bus from airport to Milazzo (1h45) or Private shared shuttle to Milazzo (1h45)
    + Hydrofoil from Milazzo to Salina SM (1h30)
  2. Train from downtown to Milazzo via Messina (no direct train) (1h30h approx)
    + Hydrofoil from Messina (2h30) or from Milazzo to Salina SM (1h30)
  3. Helicopter / up to 5 pax

From Palermo

During high season (June- Sept) there is a direct hydrofoil from Palermo directly to Salina SM Marina.

  1. Hydrofoil from Palermo to Salina SM (once a day / 3h30)
  2. Train from to Milazzo (2h30h approx)
    + Hydrofoil from Milazzo to Salina SM (1h30)
  3. Helicopter / up to 5 pax

Kindly note that for season 2022 there might be some changes – we are waiting and updating this as soon as we know more.

From Naples / Sapri

From May till September there are hydrofoils, otherwise the overnight ferry is twice a week

  1. Hydrofoil from Naples to Salina (6h)
  2. Helicopter / up to 5 pax
  3. Ship (twice a week / overnight)

Italo train offers a solution train + hydrofoil (from Sapri)

From Sapri there is also the option of hydrofoil only from 16th June till 29th August.

From Reggio Calabria

there are only few hydrofoils per day

  1. Bus / taxi from airport till the port
  2. Hydrofoil from Reggio Calabria to Salina (2h)

From Tropea

From May till September there are mini/cruises tours

There is no direct way to get to Salina, but you can either reach Reggio Calabria via train or you can join one of the mini cruises for the Aeolian islands departing from Vibo Marina.

We suggest getting out of the mini cruise at the first island, Vulcano, and then catch the hydrofoil from Vulcano to Salina.

While for the return is better to reach Stromboli via hydrofoil and then join the mini-cruise departing from there in the evening.


We love to help!

You are visiting Sicily and plan few days in the islands?
You just want to just chill and be stress-free? Raise your hand if you think a holiday does not include stress to plan transfers!

That’s why we are here: We know how each holiday is unique and special. We always suggest you share with us your plan, so we can direct you further on how to reach Salina in the most efficient way.