Mum's way to do it

Silvana Morosati

our chef Silvana

Mum Silvana is a surgeon by profession, also holds an international master in nutrition. Cooking has always been her passion project and that's why everything she makes has plenty of love. She is able to create an ideal match between healthy foods and delicious southern flavors.

You can often find her creating something new with herbs from the garden, or spoiling all the staff with her magic desserts. When she is not in the kitchen you can find her by the water in Santa Marina- a good dose of sun and a few hours in the sea, recharge her 100%.

in love with Italian food?

Learn how to pull out some incredible dishes

If you are curious about Italian cuisine, want to explore further this magic world or just make it part of the holiday experience, Silvana is happy to teach you and bring you to the next level.
At Principe, we offer different levels and lengths of courses to get you a step ahead!