Principe di Salina

Life on the island

Our goal is to customize the perfect Salina holiday for you to make you feel like our namesake, the “Principe di Salina” (Prince of Salina), as portrayed in the book and film, Il Gattopardo.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate personalized holiday, or the event of a lifetime, the staff of Principe di Salina are ready to make your dreams come true.

To tailor your perfect Salina holiday, contact us before your stay or speak with reception upon check-in. Please, keep in mind, some activities are influenced by weather and sea condition, so we suggest them to book them once in the island.


One of the seven pearls of the Eolie Islands, Salina is situated in the middle of the archipelago, and is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to explore the islands.

The island of Salina derives its name from an old lake once used to produce salt. It is characterized by two volcanoes and in ancient times its name was Dydime (The Double), due to the similar shape of the two mountains forming the island: Monte Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri.

On this intimate 27 km2 island, you’ll find lush flowers and trees alongside towering rock formations and mountains. From the volcanoes that make up the island rise abundant orchards, olive groves and vineyards, many open to discovery, and out of which local delicacies are created. Explore the creations of the volcanoes, from a natural amphitheater of Pollara, formed from a sunken crater, to the Perciato, a natural stone arch where the waves break inside.

High, rocky coasts shaped by the winds and sea offer breathtaking views. On clear days, you can see the other Aeolian islands and even the Sicilian coast. Volcanic beaches of cobblestones and rocks are a peaceful respite. The sea is so clean it’s practically crystal clear — a paradise for scuba divers.

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Salina is a vulcanic island hence, white sand beaches are not common – the island is characterized by dark vulcanic rocks.
Rinella: Has the only sand beach on the island. From its black volcanic beach you can admire the colorful village and sunbath amongst the fishing boats
Lingua: located next to the small and picturesque salty lake, offers a promenade by the sea with numerous access points to the water
Pollara: a small and remote fisherman village where “Il Postino” was filmed, dominated by a white vertical cliff, which is part of an ancient crater.

Monte Fossa delle Felci: In the volcanic cone of the highest mountain is a wonderful tree fern forest, which is today a protected natural reserve reachable through a track. It takes around 2 hours to get there on foot and the starting point is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito in Valdichiesa, reachablealso by public bus.

Boat Excursions
Take a hydrofoil to neighboring islands or enjoy the private tours which every week organize itinerary to the best spots.

The best place for diving in Salina is Secca del Capo. Secca del Capo is situated a bit further than three miles from Capo Faro and, though the peak of this rock shift is at a depth of 8 meters, most of the dive takes place at a depth of 35 to 40 meters. For these reasons it is a demanding dive which is only possible in perfect weather conditions.

Food & Wine Tasting
Salina is renowned for the production of “capers” and “Malvasia”, a distinctive wine with a very sweet flavor and aroma derived from raisins. Local wine tastings and products are possible to be booked in many of the canteens on the island.

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How to reach Salina?

We make getting to Salina easy, arranging personalized or group solutions to get everyone here ˗̵̶̵ from anywhere. We’ll book the perfect transfers according to your desires and your plans. Contact us to organize your transfer.

Salina is a small, beautiful Mediterranean island located in the south of Italy. To reach this wonderful piece of paradise, the closest airports are Catania, Palermo and Naples. Catania Fontanarossa (CTA) is the closest and suggested airport.

In order to ensure you catch the last departing boat to Salina, the arrival time of your flight should not be later than 3pm. On your day of departure, please make sure to book your flight after 11am to ensure enough time to get off the island and reach the airport. If you manage to depart in the afternoon, you will have a more comfortable commute. From Catania you will need to take a bus (approx 1,5hours) , and finally, a hydrofoil /Aliscafo (approx 1,5 hours).

You’ll find these links useful:

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From Naples

    Hydrofoil from Naples to Salina (6h) / Snav

    Helicopter € 4200 + taxes, per way – 5 pax

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