a holiday far from ordinary

will bring you closer to those you love


Welcome to the Principe di Salina Boutique Hotel, the jewel of Salina Island, in the heart of the Aeolian Islands.

The breathtaking views of Stromboli, Panarea, and the limitless Aeolian Sea set the tone for your stay — an oasis of refinement in a rugged natural setting.

Each of the 12 rooms is elegantly appointed and features a private terrace overlooking the picturesque landscape and sea.  Luxurious Ortigia amenities, boutique Italian hospitality, and classic Sicilian touches welcome you, and the infinity pool and geothermal spa tub will transport you to pure bliss.

A luxurious heaven to return to after a day spent exploring all that the islands have to offer.

A holiday at Principe di Salina is far from ordinary and will bring you closer to those you love.

Principe di Salina Boutique Hotel Our Family

about us

After over 10 years of traveling the world from New York to Hamburg to Bangkok to Cannes to London, Jeddah, and Tel Aviv, our family decided to finally settle down in Salina and start a new adventure: Principe di Salina.

A boutique hotel conceptualized and created to make our guests feel at home, help them to fall in love with all the little things that make this island magical - as it happened to us many years ago.


Have questions about the Principe? Not sure how to reach us? Check out the website first and then head here and we'll answer them for you!