Italian home-made cuisine

Home-made is our way to go.

At Principe di Salina we believe in the importance of fresh ingredients and a healthy lifestyle.

Our amazing kitchen team lead by chef Silvana, a Doctor by profession who also holds an international master's in nutrition, create the ideal match between healthy foods and delicious southern flavours. 

The bread is legendary, always freshly made and sourdough.

The menu exudes freshness and lightness at our pool bar, while it changes daily for our famous imperial table dinners. Options are pesce spada & arance, arancini with pistachio, sourdough pizza, polpettine in agrodolce, cous cous salads with Sicilian almonds, clams tossed with long spaghetti and more.

Embark with us on an Italian food adventure.

Pool Bar

Standing right next to your sun lounge, indulge in our à la carte menu & start tasting all the local dishes, while sipping a fresh-pressed juice. We have a selection of Sicilian wines, cocktails...& happy hour, which starts at 6pm.

Dine with us

At Principe, we believe the best memories are made around the table. We serve our food family-style to the centre, and if we have more we will pass along to serve you an extra plate. We love to change the menu daily to focus on fresh seasonal ingredients.


Kick-off the day is with an Italian cappuccino in the hand and a Sicilian brioche on the side. Or some freshly made omelette with Sicilian cherry tomato salad? All with a sea view on our terrace.

Day Time

Relax on the pool bed, grab a fresh-squeezed juice.
Our pool bar provides the perfect space to enjoy the water, the sun, and stay close enough to refill your Aperol spritz while ordering a lunch bowl!


Feast on fresh, local island ingredients turned into sumptuous Sicilian dishes created by our wonderful chef. We believe there’s nothing quite like family-style dinners filled with good wine and conversation.


Silvana is a surgeon by profession, and also holds an international master's in nutrition. Cooking has always been her passion project and that's why everything she makes has plenty of love. The ideal match between healthy foods and delicious southern flavours.

You can often find her creating something new with herbs from the garden, or spoiling all the team with h...

In love with Italian food?

Cooking Class

If you are curious about Italian cuisine, want to explore further this magic world or just make it part of the holiday experience, Silvana is happy to teach you and bring you to the next level.

Principe's Recipes

We are spilling the beans here, for you to recreate some of our dishes at home.

join us for dinner?

If you are not a Principe guest, contact us to be on the waitlist for our famous imperial table.
Spots are limited and we can’t make any promises- but we will be in touch if we have space to welcome you.