Island experiences

We are going to make Magic happen

The Principe is like that Mediterranean villa you always dreamt about, a island home giving you a sense that anything might happen. Yet this exciting is underpinned by our excellent team who will have everything planned to the finest detail. Being it a holiday, or a special event.

Whether you’re planning a party big or small, or the perfect holiday gate away, the Principe offers the perfect space for you, with a list of always updated services and options. 

Think of us as your new holiday wingmen.


Want a special space to celebrate your next big occasion? Let's make magic happen at the Principe. We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized layout and plan for your party.

Private Rental

Make the Principe your own private villa on Salina, inviting up your favourite 35 people. If you’re planning a big old get-together, why not hire the whole space? Twelve rooms, two suites, personalized menu and services.


Made up of four different levels developing around the pool, two bars, and one open plan terrace which flips to a relaxing lounge, we are the ideal spot for your group gate-away.


Cooking Class

Silvana can walk you through her most famous recipes and teach you (some of) her secrets. Check our blog to sneak peek at some of Principe's recipes and contact us directly for specific requests.

Island Transfers

We are experts at this and we can walk you through all the options. We make getting here easy for you, arranging personalized or group solutions – from anywhere. 

Heated Pool & Jacuzzi

For complete relaxation, lay in one of our large pool lounges. Then, a quick dip in the pool to switch off the rest of the world!

Electric Scooter rental

The sounds of the island are the ideal soundtrack while reaching hidden spots. Explore Salina in the most eco-sensitive way possible renting one of our electric scooters. Plus, have we mentioned we have solar panels to recharge them?

Principe's dinner

Good food brings people together! Our menu changes daily and you can review it each morning. You can have all the courses or ask for half portions if your curiosity gets the better of you. We’ll pass over with the Limoncello!

Boat trips

Visiting the islands by sea is the best experience if you love water. There are many different options - our Reception is always available to support the booking and direct you further.