Welcome to Principe di Salina

We are grateful you have decided to share your holiday time with us, and we look forward to welcoming you at Principe. Here below a list of information you might find useful while you are planning, and if any additional questions a - feel free to contact us through the form below.

Principe di Salina has always been a location close to external guests, except for very few exceptions, with only 14 rooms and with large spaces for you to enjoy and relax in.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have now adopted additional measures, procedures, and protocols to ensure every stay with us is even more magical, safe, and clean.


Our Restaurant and Bar

Breakfast is included in your room rate and served from 7:30 till 10:30 while Light Lunch is served by the pool and at the lounge from 12 till 2h30 pm and with à la carte menu.
During the day our pool bar is open and serves drinks, cocktails and snacks.

For dinner, our “Ristorante Della casa” offers Italian dinner prepared with the highest quality of Km-0 ingredients. Our dinner service starts at 8-9 pm (the time is depending on the season and you will be able to review it daily at the hotel) and the menu changes daily. We serve our food family-style to the centre, and if we have more our Chef will pass along to serve you an extra plate. You can have all the courses or less, or also ask for half portions if your curiosity gets the better of you. We love to change the menu daily to focus on fresh seasonal ingredients, and local fish and we make no compromise on quality.

You will be able to review the dinner menu daily and walk through it with our chef – you can sign up for the dinner directly with our Reception every day by 5 pm.


How to move around the island of Salina?

Salina is approx. 27sq km. It is not excessively big, but it is very “up and down” which makes walking around a little tiring. We have one main road which is beautiful and often with not much traffic.
To move around, here below some options and extra details:

Car / Motorbike: Renting your own vehicle is the most flexible option and suggested one. You can rent it for a few days or for a full holiday. Our Reception can support you with all the details and direct you to the most convenient rental. We are also happy to organise it ahead. Overall consider cars are approx. 50-70 euro a day, while motorbike starts from 30-35 euro.

Taxi: our Reception is happy to organise for you a taxi anytime you need it, kindly be aware the island has a limited number of drivers, so we suggest to do not leaving it at the last minute. Tariffs are standard (e.g.: S.Marina – Malfa: 25 euro / Malfa – Pollara: 30 euro)

Bus: This is an extremely easy and pleasant way to explore. With a healthy dose of island flexibility, the bus in Salina offers good service and it is most precise. You can easily purchase the ticket directly on the bus for the ride or purchase a daily pass. The bus stop is conveniently located 100 m from the hotel's main entrance. Our reception has always the updated timetable and can direct you further.

Any questions?

  • get in touch through the form below
  • contact us by phone | WhatsApp at: +39 090 98 44 415
  • write to info@principedisalina.it

We are always happy to help, so count on us. See you soon in Salina,

Your Principe family